Washington, DC—The Honest Elections Project released the following statement after progressive groups launched renewed attacks in Georgia and elsewhere to end or roll back efforts to reform and improve voting.

Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project:

“In Georgia and across the country, lawmakers are debating ways to improve the voting process and bolster confidence in our elections. That debate should be open and civil. Unfortunately, progressive activists are instead working to stifle it through misleading hyperbole, pressure campaigns, and threats of lawsuits.

“Most people want voter ID laws, safeguards for absentee ballots, and fair rules that make it both easy to vote and hard to cheat. But progressive groups disagree, and are trying to distract from the fact that they are advancing a deeply unpopular agenda. It’s time to focus on the real issues, not baseless narratives that put the credibility of our elections at risk.”