Washington, DC—Yesterday, the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa (LULAC), supported by the left’s lead election lawyer, Marc Elias, filed a lawsuit challenging major portions of Iowa’s recently-enacted voting reforms, known as Senate File 413. The lawsuit seeks a court order enjoining major provisions of the new law, including the ban or organized vote trafficking, measures obligating county officials to follow election law, and provisions setting 20 days of early voting and providing 13 hours of election day voting.

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project:

“This lawsuit reveals how distorted the political left’s view of voting has become. Voting in Iowa is easy: Anyone can vote absentee or cast a ballot during three weeks of early voting. Yet even this inviting, accessible system is attacked as ‘voter suppression.’ By wide margins, mainstream voters on the left and right want what Iowa has: a system that makes it easy to vote, and hard to cheat. These lawsuits work against that commonsense consensus, and put the credibility of our elections at risk.”

“This week, Iowa enacted election reforms to bolster voter confidence and improve the voting process. Today, liberal activists are attacking these safeguards in court. This new lawsuit even demands that Iowa voters once again be put at risk of voter intimidation through vote trafficking by paid political operatives, a practice banned in the new law.