Washington, DC—The Honest Elections Project released the following statement today congratulating Arizona after Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1485 into law, to better maintain the state’s early voting list.

Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project:

“SB 1485 is a simple law to fight waste and improve elections in Arizona. Under SB 1485, anyone can join the Active Early Voting List and automatically receive a mail-in ballot, exactly as before. This law creates a process to contact voters who have not used an early ballot in four years. If they do not respond, they no longer automatically receive a mail ballot. This is a commonsense strategy to avoid wasting taxpayers’ money mailing ballots to people who are not using them.”

“Irresponsible activists are claiming that this law will disenfranchise voters, but anyone who reads this short bill will see that is plainly false. Anyone taken off the AEVL can easily rejoin or cast an in person vote. SB 1485 does not affect a voter’s registration. It does, however, cut waste and help Arizona maintain a clean and accurate early voting list.”