Washington, DC—The Honest Elections Project released the following statement on today’s Senate Rules Committee’s hearing on S1, the agenda-driven overhaul of American elections.

Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project:

“The policies in this bill should be deeply concerning to all Americans. Every voter has a right to fair and honest elections, but the policies in this bill undercut that right.

“Allowing paid operatives and candidates to engage in unrestricted vote trafficking invites corruption and voter intimidation. Banning voter ID and witness requirements while expanding absentee voting creates fresh openings for fraud while removing the tools needed to fight it. Making it harder for our military serving overseas, or disabled citizens here at home, to return their ballots is senseless.

“Weakening voting safeguards is deeply unpopular. Most people want voter ID laws and other measures that preserve the credibility of our elections. It’s time to stop letting the agendas of activists drown out the wishes of mainstream Americans.”