WASHINGTON, DC – Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, issued a statement criticizing the apparent mismanagement of New York’s 22nd Congressional District election, The candidates for U.S. House of Representatives are currently separated by only a dozen votes, and the tallying process has been plagued by a series of errors that continue to delay the final certification of the results.

“Manifest incompetence and mismanagement are denying the people of New York’s 22nd congressional district a speedy and clear resolution of the race for the U.S. House. In the last few weeks, voters have been treated to reports of uncertain vote tallies, discoveries of uncounted batches of ballots, and failures to follow basic protocols. The fact that this race hinges on a dozen votes makes it impossible to ignore or overlook the consequences of incompetence. Ultimately this fiasco underscores the grave need for voting reforms that will bring greater integrity and accountability to the process, not only in New York but in jurisdictions across the nation.”