Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project

“The notion that the Postal Service is sabotaging mail voting should be called what it is: a baseless distraction. There is no evidence to support this claim. The Post Office is far from perfect, but by all reasonable accounts the USPS is doing its best to help absentee voters successfully cast their ballots this fall. Liberal leaders appear eager to invent conspiracies rather than own up to the failures of the vote-by-mail primaries they fought so hard to jury-rig.

“Instead of stoking fear and outrage, we need to be articulating solutions for a successful election. In person voting can be done safely and voters should be told as much, but many will still want or need to vote absentee. Many states have unrealistic ballot request deadlines that set their voters up to fail. States need to push those deadlines up and make clear to voters that a ballot not returned by October 27 needs to be hand delivered. And throughout, states need laws to protect the security of the process, like ballot harvesting bans. That is the easiest, and most responsible, roadmap to a successful November election.”