Washington, DC—The Honest Elections Project released the following statement congratulating the state of Georgia on the passage of SB 202. The new law, signed today by Governor Brian Kemp, preserves absentee voting, requires voter ID for mail-in ballots, eliminates private financing of public elections, and bolsters transparency and accountability in elections.

Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project:

“Today, Georgia’s leaders kept voting easy, and made cheating harder. The policies in this package are commonsense. Contrary to the left’s narrative, most Americans want voter ID laws and other protections for absentee ballot. These safeguards will not stop anyone from casting a ballot, but they will help to renew voters’ trust and confidence in our election system.

“I applaud Gov. Kemp and Georgia’s lawmakers for standing up for the interests of voters over the agendas of progressive activists, whose cynical rhetoric has reached new lows.”