Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project: 

“The policies in the Manchin election proposal would still be an unconstitutional takeover of elections by the federal government. Stacey Abrams’ plain hypocrisy in supporting it should not be ignored.

“Some of the elements Abrams is now embracing are nearly identical to what she condemned as ‘a redux of Jim Crow in a suit and tie’ just 3 months ago in her home state of Georgia. If Abrams is going to do an about face, she needs to own up to her hypocrisy, apologize to the Georgians harmed by her rhetoric, and demand that MLB bring the 2021 All-Star game back to Atlanta.

“Both the Manchin proposal and the Georgia Law make voter roll maintenance easier. They both require voter ID with allowable alternatives. And the Manchin proposal requires 15 days of early voting while the Georgia Law requires between 17-19 days of early voting including weekends. Abrams should stop demonizing states for adopting policies she now says she supports.”