WASHINGTON, DC – Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, issued the following statement praising the decision by Georgia House Speaker David Ralston to form a special committee focused on improving the integrity of Georgia’s election laws.

“I applaud Georgia for prioritizing the issue of election reform this year, and hope other states will follow suit. Americans should no longer tolerate a voting system that offers anything less than security, reliability, and integrity. A year of dysfunction and mismanagement, of isolated instances of provable fraud, and an unprecedented liberal legal blitz to weaken ballot safeguards and skew voting rules has left many doubting the fundamental fairness of elections. Only swift, state-led reforms can prevent their concerns from hardening into perpetual doubt and disbelief.

“Clear rules and effective safeguards build confidence in the voting process, and in the results of elections. Like Florida after 2000, it is time for states to tackle the shortcomings of their election systems. Restoring and improving voter verification laws, absentee ballot safeguards, and voting procedures will improve access and security, enhance transparency, and expedite vote tallying. After 2020, we must not waste any time in rebuilding trust in the voting system.”