Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Election Project:

“Marc Elias is doing what he is notorious for: running to the courts to rewrite election laws on the eve of an election. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is taking place in Georgia. Like every Marc Elias lawsuit, this latest attack on Georgia’s election laws is purely politically motivated, calculated to expand early voting in areas likely to vote Democratic. It has nothing to do with a defunct state holiday that once celebrated Robert E. Lee. It has everything to do with abusing court power to skew the rules of democracy for partisan gain.

Georgia law plainly does not allow voting on Thanksgiving weekend. Election workers deserve time off with their families, especially after working the long hours demanded of them for weeks during the general election. There is plenty of time for every Georgian to request a mail ballot or vote in person during the runoff, and Georgia has strong voting laws to ensure it. Using a defunct holiday to justify rewriting election laws and fuel voter suppression claims in a state that just had record-breaking voter turnout is a ludicrous new low.”