Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, released the following statement following the announcement of the final language for Texas’s election reform, S.B. 7. The bill includes reforms that bring voter ID requirements to absentee ballots and bans paid ballot trafficking. 

“Thanks to Texas lawmakers, it will be easy to vote, and harder to cheat in Texas elections. Uniform rules, protections against abuse-prone ballot trafficking, and voter ID requirements for absentee ballots are popular and commonsense reforms. Improving and securing the voting process strengthens our democracy and builds voter confidence in elections.

“Recent polling confirms that two in three voters support ID requirements for absentee ballots. By a three to one margin, voters want policy makers to add voting safeguards to bolster voter rather than eliminate them to make voting easier. In fact, voter ID laws are supported by overwhelming majorities of Americans, including Black and Hispanic voters, and those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020.”