HEP statement regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on so-called “voting restrictions.”

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project

“Tomorrow’s Senate hearing embodies everything that is wrong with the current ‘debate’ on voting reforms. Georgia expanded early voting, protected absentee ballots with objective voter ID laws, and tackled long lines at the polls—immensely popular reforms that will improve voting for all. Rather than debate these on the merits, progressive activists and politicians have responded with deceitful hyperbole that stokes outrage and smears opponents.

“The activists leading this effort are pushing an agenda—weaker ballot protections, no voter ID laws, and organized ballot trafficking—that is out of step with an overwhelming majority of Americans. Mainstream voters want rules and safeguards that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. The left should listen to them. Instead, they are whipping up a furor to justify ignoring them. Ploys like these put our shared faith in elections at risk. Nothing could be more cynical or irresponsible.”