It should be easy to vote.

And hard to cheat.


    American democracy is suffering from a credibility crisis. The 2020 election was marred by confusion, haphazard voting changes, and undemocratic efforts to use courts to weaken voting safeguards and skew the rules for partisan advantage.

    American democracy is suffering from a credibility crisis….

    Get the commonsense policy reforms and best practices that will deliver secure and accessible elections, inspire democratic participation, and earn the confidence of every voter.


    Florida’s New Election Law

    Commonsense election safeguards enjoy widespread support from the American people, who want our laws to make it easy to vote […]...


    Elections are the cornerstone of American democracy. Voters deserve an electoral system that ensures every lawful ballot is cast, and guards against voter fraud.

    Democracy Depends on Honest Elections

    Fair elections protect voting rights and stop voter fraud.

    Voting Rights Depend on Secure Elections

    Election integrity laws protect the value of your vote.

    The “Voter
    Suppression” Myth

    Cynical activists and politicians are misleading voters.

    Cleaning Up
    Our Voter Rolls

    Honest elections depend on accurate voter rolls.

    Put an End to “Vote Harvesting”

    No one’s voting rights should be left in someone else’s hands.

    Stop the Effort to Remake the Electorate

    Activists shouldn’t change the rules to win elections.

    Preserving the Electoral College

    The Electoral College strengthens democracy.

    View the Latest Election Issues

    An educated voter is our
    strongest ally.

    A small percentage of voters can swing elections.

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    Protecting elections
    is too important
    for politics.

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    Proven Instances of
    Voter Fraud –
    And Counting